Apples to Apples


Before awarding your job we would ask that while comparing price, compare what each contractor is providing for that price. AAW Fence & Arbor will not sacrifice quality for price.



  • Does your quote include necessary permits or is that extra?
    • AAW Fence & Arbor estimates include permits


  • Will you call to locate utility lines or is that my responsibility?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor will call Dig Tess prior to construction to schedule utility locate. Sprinkler lines, homeowner buried gas and electric lines are homeowners responsibility, Dig Tess will not locate these lines.


  • Do you pre-mix the concrete before setting post?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor pre-mixes concrete prior to setting posts. Many installers will dry set posts leaving a weak mixture and unmixed concrete in the hole.


  • What gauge galvanized post will you be using?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor uses .095 galvanized posts. Some installers will try to get by with using .065, which will bend in high wind.


  • What length post will you use?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor uses 9-foot posts on 6- foot fences and 11-foot posts on 8- foot fences that have top trim. Dog-eared style fences we will use 8 and 10 foot posts accordingly.


  • How far apart will you space the posts?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor sets posts a maximum 6 feet on center for standard and premium level fence. Economy style will be on a maximum of 8 foot centers.


  • Does your fence include a treated baseboard? If so what is rated for?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor uses a .40 ACQ treated for ground contact baseboard on all standard and premium level fencing and is available as upgrade on economy. Many suppliers only carry the .25 ACQ treated which are rated above ground only.


  • How many rails will I get? What size? What type?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor will give you 3 rows of 2x4 rails for your 6-foot fence and 4 rows 2x4 rails for your 8-foot fence.


  • What grade cedar pickets do you use?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor uses #1 grade 1x6 on 6-foot fences and select or better 1x6 on 8-foot fences (full 6 inch wide) pickets on all standard or premium level fences. Many installers will use #2 (5 1/2” wide) pickets. The knots are tighter in a #1 cedar and less likely to fall out. 


  • When you say cedar, what am I really getting?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor only uses WESTERN RED CEDAR on all standard or premium level fences. Some installers will try to pass off Chinese cedar or juniper as just as good as western red. This is not true. Although all are evergreens, Chinese cedar and juniper are no better than a whitewood (spruce, pine, fir).


  •  How will you secure pickets to the rails?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor uses hot dipped galvanized ring shank nails. We use 1 7/8” on pickets and 2 ¼” on trim and cover picket for board on board style. Electro-galvanized will rust and could leave unsightly streaks on your fence.


  • How many hinges will be on my gate?

o    AAW Fence & Arbor will use 3 hinges on gates for 6 foot fences, 4 hinges on gates for 8 foot fence. On 8-foot fences there will be a header over the gate. Header will have the clearance of a standard interior door.








"when you're out of quality you're out of business"