Arbors & Shade Structures

Outdoor living areas have become an increasingly popular way to bring comfort to your backyard. Whether it be from a simple shade structure over an existing patio or an all out outdoor kitchen. We have the knowledge to build it right.

Standard cedar shade structures include:
  • 1X6 Solid Cedar Posts 10' maximum spacing
  • 2X8 Double Headers (secured with 5/8" all thread bolts)
  • 2X6 Joists on 16" centers
  • 1X2 Stripping on 4" centers
  • Your choice of end cuts
  • Pre-Stain/ Sealed

Upgrades include:
  • 8X8 Posts
  • 4X12 Headers
  • 4X6 Joists
  • 2X4 Stripping
  • Lattice screens
  • Decorative brackets
  • Solid roof
  • Wet weather ceiling fan

Gable roof arbors include:
  • 8X8 Posts
  • 4X12 Header Beams
  • 4X8 Ridge Beam
  • 4x6 Rafter Joists
  • 1X6 Lap and Gap Underlay
  • OSB Decking
  • 30Lb. Felt
  • 25 Year Shingles
  • Metal Drip Edge
  • Pre-stain/ Sealed

Upgrades Include:
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Fireplace
  • Stone Around Posts
  • Stone Counters
  • Gas Grill

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